It was a great weekend on the roads for the crew, check it out!

Fraser Clift 2:58:32
Walter Downey 3:13:13
Gemma Slaughter 3:15:33
Dana Henson 3:21:49
Nicola Grice 3:27:31
Lisa Faille 3:30:26 PB!!!!
Geoff Lyster 3:35:30
Jenny Emery 3:36:54
Mark Nelson 3:40:54
Thom Green 3:42:45
Claire Villet 3:43:52
Andrea Chambers 4:01:32
Erica Kim 4:41:44

Fall Classic Run
Karen Thibodeau 1:22:18 – 1st OA!
Colton Higgins 1:24:10
Ian Kerr 1:25:05
Kash Bogart 1:29:58
John Hamilton 1:31:32 9min PB!
Kim Bennett 1:31:50 – PB!
Nadine Robinson 1:33:02 – PB
Colin Brander 1:32:06
Katie Bowyer 1:32:25
Alicia Dorsch 1:32:42 – PB!
Rebecca Hartshorn 1:35:15
Kyle Bryce 1:35:26
Andrea Page 1:39:26
Jay Zhu 1:40:42
Meaghan Murray 1:45:07 – 12min PB!
Shirley Wood 1:49:52 -PB
Kara Naish 1:54:52
Kim Nguyen 2:00:19
Allison Ribaux 2:05:17

Coach Tony 32:11
Meg Lewis-Schneider 34:53 – 1st OA!
Jacob Sears 34:58
Andrew Geiger 35:42 – PB
Carlos Lesser 36:54
Andrea Digby 45:53
Genevieve Martin 54:52
Thais Mori 51:56

Neasa Coll 17:51
Chris Stephenson 20:29 -PB
Lei-Lani 24:02

Amy Yamaura 1:39:58
Mark Topacio 1:42:09
Katie Cochran 1:45:59
Rose Cass 1:46:50
Shae Lynn Pearson 2:02

When and why did you get into running?
I started running in 2013 while I was living in Toronto. I was looking for something to help clear my
mind after full workdays of high stress client meetings, conference calls and projects. Getting out on
the road and trails for a few minutes a day without my phone or email chasing me around really got
me hooked.
I never really thought about running a race until 2016. My sister convinced me to come down to
Seattle to race a half marathon with her and her husband. It was a pretty humbling experience,
especially walking mile 11 as I was completely unprepared and blew up. I challenged myself to go
back to the same race in 2017 and come up with better performance. I did and that improvement
acted as a catalyst for me to want to get faster, stronger and race more often.
I don’t think there is a comparable feeling to the joy of crossing a finish line.

How do you fit running into your busy lifestyle?
It is not the easiest, especially with being on the road for around two weeks a month with work. My
running shoes are now the first thing that I pack in my carry-on luggage.
I find that running is great way to get out and explore a new city. On my last trip, I have had a chance
to fit in a track workout in at the University of Las Vegas – Nevada and get Coach Tony to take a trip
down memory lane.
Importantly, the flexibility that Coach Tony has built into my training schedule has been critical in my
preparation to run in the New York Marathon.

What was the impetus to start working with M2M?
What sealed it for me was getting accepted into the New York Marathon. I have never run a
marathon before. I needed a plan. I want to race rather than simply survive – I remember those
were my exact words during the conversation I had with Dylan when I started with the group.

What do you enjoy most about being part of Mile2Marathon?
Getting a chance to train twice a week in the group workouts with such talented athletes. They
elevate my performance and push me to keep improving. I can’t credit my teammates enough for
those little things like pushing my pace during the last set of a hard track workout or for dragging me
up that Camosun hill on the third loop of a Saturday morning long run.
Race days are completely different now. There is so much energy in seeing all of our black singlets on
the start line and seeing my teammates racing hard and crushing their goals out there on the course.
Additionally, the structure of the training cycle is important. I know that every time I lace up my
running shoes, there is purpose to everything I’m doing – which was totally lacking before joining

Where to next / what’s your big goal currently?
Less than a week to go to my goal race in New York – I can’t wait for the marathon experience and to
see what I’m capable of achieving (and getting a chance to eat all the New York pizza after the race).
For future goals, I’m going to keep dreaming big, build on a great year and look to shatter my PBs
across multiple distances.
Person that inspires you in running or life?
I recently came across the story of Gabe Grunewald, a professional middle-distance runner based in
Minnesota who is battling cancer, setting personal bests while undergoing immunotherapy
treatment and focusing on getting to the Olympics in 2020. She embodies all the courage, grit and
determination that I associate with the sport.
Favourite quote (running or non-running)?
“When anyone tells me I can’t do anything, I’m just not listening anymore” – Florence Griffith Joyner