It has been a busy couple of weeks. From the Chicago Marathon to Toronto, and everything in between, our community has shown up again and again in a big way. We are so proud of all the M2M athletes racing around the globe, and those who have yet to race this fall.

Chicago Marathon

Sarah Whyte 5:05:28 First Marathon
Gary Sidhu 2:59:55 PB
Jon Minkarious 2:41:26 PB
Simon Poulin 2:25:21 PB and 2nd Canadian
Linda Quinteros 4:35:14
Fergus Kung 2:51:37 PB and auto NYC qualifier
Lissa Zimmer 2:46:13
Fraser Clift 2:51:37 PB
Ellis Gray 2:58:23
Melissa Raven 3:24:06 PB
Sarah Morris 4:23:49 PB
Andrea Chambers 3:31:11 PB
Jess Lam 3:33:07
Max Faille 3:56:55
First Marathon, that’s a PB!
Jill Emery 3:26:19 PB
Fiona Jackson 3:30:52
Sandra Sukstorf 3:52:15
Faine Martin 3:21:21 PB
Dayna Gerson 4:37:00
Kailey Buchanan 3:59:00 PB
Robyn Smith 4:37:00 PB
Michelle Mcguire 4:35:05
Mark Dawson 3:05:27 PB
Kara Naish 4:01:43


Victoria Marathon Race Weekend

Felix Yu Marathon 3:25:22 PB
Carla Kramer Half Marathon 1:31:22 PB
Dan Bewley Marathon 2:54:35 PB
Carlos Lesser Half Marathon 1:12:12 PB and 7th OA
Tod Pelly Half Marathon 1:26:42 PB
Mark Nelson Half Marathon 1:29:48 PB
Kim Bennett Half Marathon 1:25:55 PB
Julie Hathaway Half Marathon 1:43:41
Jenn Wurster Half Marathon 1:31:05 PB
Angela Law Marathon 3:50:29 PB
Kim Lanki Marathon 4:26:52 PB
Caroline Stean Half Marathon 1:45:26 7 min PB!!
David Gvozdanovich Half Marathon 1:29:33 PB
Harrison Glotman Marathon 3:32:09
Brent Webb Marathon 3:18:54
Pam Campbell Half Marathon 1:31:57 PB and 2nd AG
Andrew Geiger Half Marathon 1:13:39 PB
Russ Esau Half Marathon 1:15:13 2nd AG
Todd Nickel Half Marathon 1:28:04 PB

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Mark Kerr Marathon 3:28:33
Darren Gilmour Marathon 3:07:22
Kelsey Hunter Marathon 3:23:13
Kendal Paul Marathon 2:59:21
Marta Fenollosa Marathon 2:56:03
Ranga Thangarajah Marathon 4:08:24 PB
Ian Joiner Marathon 3:22:52
Kate Gustafson Marathon 2:48:56
Dylan Wykes Marathon 2:22:50
Tim Ducros Marathon 2:54:48 PB
Mike Milne Marathon 2:55:24
Dante Luciani Marathon 3:02:12 PB
Caitlin Wood Marathon 3:28:00 PB
Richard Brittin Marathon 2:55:47 7+’ PB and 3rd in AG
Matt Diederich Marathon 3:15:31 PB
Penny Page-Brittin Marathon 3:43:19
Sean Patterson Half Marathon 1:21:47 PB
Emily Rudow Half Marathon 1:30:45
Lisa Hoffart Half Marathon 1:27:29
Arthur Oskan Half Marathon 1:32:59
Colin McLeod Half Marathon 1:27:34 PB
Rachel Burdick Half Marathon 1:34:26 PB
Darren Lee Half Marathon 1:14:42
Kerri Andreas Half Marathon 1:30:43
Taylor Maxwell Half Marathon 1:28:56
Kevin Smith Half Marathon 1:22:37
Dania Spillett Half Marathon 1:28:06 PB
Anice Wong Half Marathon 1:53:30 PB
Dan MacDonald 5km 16:58
Jeff Archer Half Marathon 1:06:05 PB & 3rd OA
Lauren Prufer 5km 0:19:02

Okanagan Marathon

Marc Dowdell Okanagan Half 1:55:10
Rhys Spencer Okanagan Full 3:23:03
Morris Kopola Okanagan Full 2:49:51
Brett Barnes Okanagan Full 1:28:35 PB
Kim Nguyen Okanagan Half 2:02:37


P’tit Train Du Nord

Stephen Andersen P’tit Train Du Nord Marathon 2:54:23
Dan Steeves P’tit Train Du Nord Marathon 3:17:39
Kelley Heyes-Voros P’tit Train Du Nord Marathon 3:49:03
Ainsley Heyes P’tit Train Du Nord Marathon 3:24:14
Anthony Clark P’tit Train Du Nord Marathon 3:30:59
Jackie Benn P’tit Train du Nord Marathon 3:43:31

9 Run Run

Joelle Sabourin 9 Run Run Half 1:56:44 PB
Andy Wilson 9 Run Run Half 1:34:13 PB
Neil McCallum 9 Run Run Half 1:27:12 PB
Simon Warren 9 Run Run Half 1:27:42
Nat Vice 9 Run Run 10k 0:37:03
Emily Alexander 9 Run Run 10k 0:42:10
Chad Evren 9 Run Run 10k 0:43:57


We can’t forget about these races too

Allie Peterson Winnipeg 1/2 Race Got Cancelled, solo time trialed a 1:30:53!
Michelle Tan Denver Half Marathon 2:13:57
Darren Lee Oakville Half 1:20:27
Jim Novotny Reno Run 9k 0:44:48
Kelly Ogilvie The County Half 2:04:07
Colton Higgins Granville Island Turkey Trot 35:30.0 PB
Ryan Hobson Granville Island Turkey Trot 39:34:00 PB
Taylor Maxwell Granville Island Turkey Trot 40:11:00 PB
Nadine Robinson Granville Island Turkey Trot 40:32:00
Kyli Shorter Granville Island Turkey Trot 0:47:05
Emelyn Ticong Granville Island Turkey Trot 0:50:41 PB
Julie MacDonald TO Women’s Run 5k 0:20:25 PB


M2M Elite Results

Rachel Cliff IAAF World Champs 5000m 15:41.27 No
Justin Kent Victoria Marathon 8km 23:14:00 PB and new course record
Luc Bruchet Denka Challenge 13:47.70
Evan Esselink STWM Full 2:18:38 Debut, 20th OA
Kevin Coffey STWM Full 2:20:23 24th OA
Dylan Wykes STWM Full 2:22:50 30th OA
Kate Gustafson STWM Full 2:48:56 25th female OA
Theo Hunt STWM Half 1:06:20 Debut, 4th OA


Note: We’ve got a lot of athletes racing, as such, we’re human and sometimes things get missed. It’s never intentional and always an accident. If for whatever reason you don’t see a result you were looking for here, please let us know and we will fix it.