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Results Round Up — September 2019

August 31-September 1 Simon Poulin 30km in QC 1:42:14 Kim Lanki Williams Lake 27.5k 2:47:08   September 7-8 Tyler Ashurst Rimouski Marathon 2:58:57 Esther Lee Erie Marathon 3:15:18 Kendal Paul Skagit Flats Half Marathon 1:23:33 Lissa Zimmer Skagit Flats Half Marathon 1:23:47 Kerri Andreas Longboat Toronto Island 10k 0:40:26 Sean Patterson Longboat Toronto Island 10k […]

Training Beyond the Body: Finding Your Mental Edge

Tired, sore, feeling like marathon training is taking over your life… yes, folks, we are reaching the peak weeks of fall marathon training. With big stops on the racing calendar in Berlin, Chicago, Toronto and NYC just weeks away, I tried to reflect on what has gotten me through the toughest weeks of training in […]

The Art of The Long Run

When programming the Long Run for our athletes, it can often be met with fear and trepidation. Like it or not, the long run is the key ingredient in a marathon training plan. To help work back some of that fear, and help you master the art of the long run, we’re shedding some light […]

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August Results Round-up

Seawheeze Half Marathon, Vancouver Rob Watson   1:09:47 1st place! Chany Groenewoud   1:23:41   Alanna Goobie   1:47:47   Fergus Kung   1:23:41   Linda Wong   1:43:00   Melissa Raven   1:35:54   Sarah Morris   1:59:52   Jess Lam   1:41:37   Kailey Buchanan   1:49:23   Dayna Gerson   2:15:26   […]

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Running Through Pregnancy: Steph’s Story

There are hundreds of resources with advice on pregnancy, exercising while pregnant, postpartum comebacks. It’s a lot. As a team committed to coaching many women who are also parents with full lives outside fo their running shoes, we set out a couple of months ago to hear from our own community. Vancouver athlete and physiotherapist, […]


Marathon Fuelling: Practice Makes Perfect

During a marathon build, we can get so focused on hitting the miles, nailing the workouts and perfecting our recovery routines, that we forget the crucial piece of nailing down our marathon fuelling plan.  Science tells us that no one can get through 2hrs+ of running without their muscles becoming depleted, and for them to […]

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July Results Round-up

Calgary Stampede 5km Kim Bennett – 0:19:25, 2nd female OA Limestone Mile Tammy Pigeon – 0:07:06 Mark Kerr – 0:05:41 Edmonton lululemon 10km Breanna Cotton – 0:47:58 Melissa Raven – 0:43:13 Lee Kennett – 0:36:54 Carla Kramer – 0:43:16 Kim Doerksen – 0:39:28 Rose Cass – 0:49:20 Meaghan Murray – 0:51:49 Laurel Richardson – 0:39:01 Dania […]

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June Results Round-up

June 22-23Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon Raymond Chhun 1:39:05 Angela Law 1:42:53 Sarah Morris 1:58:39 PB! 🙂 Jess Lam 1:39:38 Hollie Holden 1:38:55 PB! Lee Kennett 1:18:07 PB! Andrea Wilk 1:38:25 Laurel Richardson 1:24:32 Rob Watson 1:08:05 5th OA! Thom Green 1:35:21 Carla Parsons 1:31:56 Carlos Lesser 1:15:15 PB Cody Green 1:32:57 Katie Gordan 1:41:42 PB […]