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Fitting Shorter Distance into Training

Fitting a shorter distance race, like racing a 5km, into your training plan should be an easy thing to do no matter what your current training focus and goals are. There are several scenarios that you might find yourself in when trying to fit in a fast and fun 1 mile or 5km race. We […]

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May Results Round-up

May 11 – 12Toronto Sporting Life 10k Jenny Emery – 41:23Laurelly Dale – 39:27Charissa deKoninck – 50:53Kat Mylvaganam – 37:42Esther Lee – 41:25 Ottawa Sporting Life 10kDylan Wykes – 30:13 – 1st OASandra Sukstorf – 51:08 Jeff Taylor – Sudbury Rocks Half – 1:24:38Mark Kerr – Howe Island Hustle 8k – 33:06 May 18 – […]

How to Chase Your Fastest Pace

The track is where most of the M2M coaches first fell in love with the sport, and it was vital to their development as athletes. Many folks who get into the sport later in life mainly use the track as a training venue and have never had the opportunity to throw down in a proper […]


Rest, Recovery and Transition

For many of you, your goal race for the spring season is done and dusted. Whether the distance was 1 mile, the marathon, or something in between and no matter if you met, exceeded or came up a bit short of your goal, now is most definitely the time for a bit of rest and […]

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BMO Vancouver, Goodlife Toronto & Mississauga Results!

BMO Vancouver Marathon: Rob Watson – 2:25:10 6th Overall (first in our hearts)Doug Phillips – 3:10:46Farid Muttalib – 2:52:08Andrea Cain – 3:51:30, first marathon!Fainne Martin – 3:23:48 PB & BQ!Jay Zhu- 3:37:48, PBKatie Gordon – 3:51, first marathon!Colton Higgins – 3:22Daniel Lord – 4:15, first marathon!Genevieve Martin – 4:24Felix Yu – 3:41:53, 17min PBRodrigo Caudra […]

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Eugene marathon and more April Results

Eugene Marathon: Stephen Lue – 2:58:46 PBTammi Kwan – 3:35:10 BQ!Kyle Bryce – 3:24:47 – First Marathon!Kashtin Bogart – 3:38:48Julie Pelly – 3:30:20, PB & BQ!Mark Nelson – 3:29:09, PBMark Topacio – 3:39:46Gary Franco – 4:14:35Pat Swadden – 3:06:27Ellis Grey – 2:57:15, PBJohn Hamilton – 3:22:00, PBLei-Lani Harmon – 4:17:34Aaron Carveth – 3:34Tommy Cheng – […]

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Boston and Sun Run 2019

Boston Marathon: Fergus Kung – 2:59:24Tristan Sandhu – 2:53:58Kat Mylvaganam – 2:59:15Jon Minkarious – 2:51:57Jason Lloyd – 2:53:42, PBKaren Thibodeau – 2:56:35Lauren Phillips – 3:09:25Nic H – 2:56:35Andrew Geiger – 2:48:49, PBCraig Fowler – 2:40:29, PBChad Clark – 3:11:30Morris Kopola – 2:56:30Meddy (Shaun) Andrew – 3:09:32Matt Murdoch – 2:59:36Tara Lohman – 3:28:39Jenn Wurster – 3:29:44Dana […]

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The Road to Boston: Sandra’s Story

The 26.2 miles from small town of Hopkinton, MA to Boylston St in Boston is the most iconic marathon race in the world. The communities that line the course come together to create an atmosphere like no other. The unrelenting course and the unpredictable weather create a unique element of unknown. The runners have earned […]

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Around The Bay 30k – Results

This past weekend, Coach Dylan and a handful of our athletes braved the last of Ontario winter to take on the historic Around The Bay 30k. Famous for being older than Boston, its iconic grim reaper, and rolling hills, this race is excellent preparation for those spring marathons. Coach Dylan lead the way for the […]