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ICEBREAKER 8k | STEVESTON, BC (full results here) Kevin Coffey – 24:36 Tony Tomsich – 24:45 Josh Potvin – 25:35 Theo Hunt – 25:35 Tony Skuce – 30:06 Lee Kennett – 30:08 Kim Doerksen – 30:57 Laurel Richardson – 30:59 Lissa Zimmer – 31:25 David Watt – 31:32 Gemma Slaughter – 31:36 Mark Topacio – […]


Our dear friend Chris Napier from Simon Fraser University needs your help with a new research study. This study aims to examine the relationship between training load, biomechanics and running-related injury. The collected information will serve as a basis for developing safe and effective guidelines for future training programs. Participants will be asked to wear a RunScribe sensor on […]


Race Results | NYC, Fall Classic, and more

It was a great weekend on the roads for the crew, check it out! NYC MARATHON: Fraser Clift 2:58:32 Walter Downey 3:13:13 Gemma Slaughter 3:15:33 Dana Henson 3:21:49 Nicola Grice 3:27:31 Lisa Faille 3:30:26 PB!!!! Geoff Lyster 3:35:30 Jenny Emery 3:36:54 Mark Nelson 3:40:54 Thom Green 3:42:45 Claire Villet 3:43:52 Andrea Chambers 4:01:32 Erica Kim […]

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Possibility – Meet Thom Green

When and why did you get into running? I started running in 2013 while I was living in Toronto. I was looking for something to help clear my mind after full workdays of high stress client meetings, conference calls and projects. Getting out on the road and trails for a few minutes a day without […]

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MINDBODY for M2M Workout Check-in

We are finally getting our act together and will be adopting a new/more sophisticated check-in system for our workouts via MINDBODY. We ask that everyone; both drop-ins and personal coaching athletes setup a Mindbody account HERE. Even if you have an existing account, click on the link to activate yourself as a client with Mile2Marathon. […]

Results: Chicago, Victoria, Okanagan and More

Chicago Marathon Kate Gustafson 2:40:06 PB, 19th OA! Eoin Craigie 2:50:36 Kerri Andres 2:55:24 PB Kat Mylvaganam 2:58:54 PB! Dana Henson 3:18:42 PB! Alanna Goobie 3:43:11 Tammy Pigion 3:44:38 Marc Dowdell 4:23:35 Erica Kim 4:40:00 PB! Victoria Half Marathon Meg Lewis-Schneider 1:15:31 PB, 3rd OA! Bri Hungerford 1:20:01 PB Karen Thibodeau 1:20:43 PB! Liam Baird […]

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What to pack

Race day is fast approaching for many big races across the world. If you’re traveling to a marathon, you best be prepared and pack appropriately. There is nothing worse than getting to your hotel and realizing you forgot your lucky race socks at home. Check out our suggested packing list below Important! Passport Wallet (with […]