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When to hit the dreadmill

Last week we gave you some winter running tips including letting you know that we’re cool with you hitting the treadmill (aka the dreadmill) from time to time this winter. Well, mother nature hit the greater Vancouver area pretty hard last week. I know, I know, those of you east of the rockies are laughing right now. But, really, it […]


Winter training tips

Well this may not apply to all members, some of you may be looking out your window right now at a winter wonderland, even in Vancouver this week; cue the winter training tips. If you’ve been hit with Snowmaggedon, don’t be discouraged, many great long distances runners have trained through a great Canadian winter. How does the saying go….’what doesn’t […]

Athlete Feature: Arthur Oskan

Arthur is a pretty cool dude and we are excited to feature him this week. It’s always fun getting to know our athletes and what they do outside of running. It was pretty awesome to discover that Arthur, who resides in Toronto, is a renowned DJ who has been nominated for a Juno! He is also a badass runner who […]


Dylan talks about the Off-season

For many of you that goal race for the season has come and gone, whether it was 1 mile or the marathon. So let’s talk off-season. You are now in that transition time between seasons and big blocks of training. I can remember that time well, the post-marathon blues were something I often experienced during […]


Rob’s 10 tips for a kickass 10k

Be prepared for race morning: Leave nothing to chance. Know what you are going to eat, know how you are going to get to the race, know where you are gonna stash your gear. Arrive early, no need for added stress on race day, you are there to compete and perform. Unnecessary stress will affect […]