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Meet the Athlete: Bri Hungerford

When & Why did you get into running? I’m pretty new to the running scene. M2M is the first running group I’ve ever been to and it’s the first time I’ve ever had specific run coaching. That being said, athletics have always played a huge role in life. Growing up I played every sport – […]

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Meet Mark Nelson: Before & After

When & Why did you get into running? Back in 2012, when I reached my highest of 310 pounds, I knew I needed to make a change. I first started my running as a way to lose weight. As the weight came off, I started to really enjoy the feeling of running a race and […]



Everything you ever wanted to know about the marathon, presented by Mile2Marathon x Saucony Join us for an evening of running and talking all things MARATHON 6:30pm SHARP for the workout 8:00pm for the Talky talk Submit your quesitons to info@mile2marathon.com for a chance to win some sweet Saucony swag. More details HERE.

Coach Kim’s BMO Marathon course preview

Depending on the weather, adjust your warmup routines accordingly. I ran in cold and rainy weather so my focus was staying dry and warm. I maybe did 1k warmup with 3-4 strides and that’s it. Just enough to move my body, not feel stiff, and calm the nerves.   The race, like people have experienced […]


BC Athletics Memberships

Effective March 1, 2018 anyone who would like to attend M2M group workouts in Vancouver will be required to be a member of BC Athletics. This membership will be good for the remainder of the 2018 calendar year. It has been wonderful for us to see the group in Vancouver grow. We still believe strongly in […]


First Half Course Preview

Our team of coaches have raced this course countless times. Here’s our thoughts on how to conquer this bad boy! At first glance this course looks pretty easy and fast. A little loop around Yaletown and then out along English Bay, around Stanley Park and back. A lot of Vancouverites are familiar with this route, […]


Welcome – Coach Kate Gustafson

We are pumped to announce that Kate Gustafson is joining the M2M coaching crew! Kate is an amazing runner, coach, and woman. She’s inspired so many through her own running, coaching, and outreach with girls & woman across the globe. As M2M continues to grow in Vancouver and beyond, Kate will look to inspire more […]


The Long Run Route

As we get into July we are getting into our favourite time of year – another marathon training cycle. The long run starts to ramp up this time of year. There are many things you need to know and learn to master the long run. But one that often gets missed is the route you […]


Fuel for the fire

Last week we talked about how to pick the right fuel for your marathon training and racing. The take home message there was; it is very individual, try out a bunch different things and go with what you like the taste of and what agrees most with your stomach. This week, let’s talk about how much of […]


Plan a route & tune out

We know your GPS watch is all the rage: from tracking your pace to reading your text messages to brushing your teeth and combing your hair for you. It has lots of fancy bells and whistles. But sometimes we should ignore all the info it’s throwing at us and just run by feel. Now we’re […]