Our dear friend Chris Napier from Simon Fraser University needs your help with a new research study. This study aims to examine the relationship between training load, biomechanics and running-related injury. The collected information will serve as a basis for developing safe and effective guidelines for future training programs. Participants will be asked to wear a RunScribe sensor on each shoe for the duration of the study (6 months). During this time, the sensor will record biomechanical parameters such as impact, cadence, etc. These will be uploaded after each run and the participant will be asked to give the run a rating of perceived exertion (1-10). Participants will also be required to complete a short weekly questionnaire regarding pain/injury (1-2 minutes). If the participant meets predetermined injury criteria, they will receive one free physiotherapy assessment to diagnose the injury. There is no need to change your training during the study – you are asked to continue training normally. Click HERE for full details.

Do not forget to click on the link on page 4 of the study details to register for the study!

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