It was a big weekend of racing across the Globe. Ya’ll kicked butt out there. So great to see all the hard training start to pay off. More to come with a lot of spring marathons and shorter distance races on the horizon!
*As always apologies if we missed you. Let us know and we will update. Also, not sure what to do about those WestVan 5k results….

Tokyo Marathon
Laurelly Dale 3:10:46 PB!
Rose Cass 4:00:50
Sandra Sukstorf 4:03:19
Nicola Grice 3:30:59

WestVanRun 5k – Saturday March 2
Steven Huynh 23:28*
Shannon Dale 21:49*
Jess Lam 22:39*
Lee Kennett 17:43 PB!
Coach Kim 21:47*
Kat Lavoie 22:10*
David Watt 21:38*
Nadine Robinson 21:38*
Pat Swadden 21:29*
Liam Todd 17:30 PB!
Justin Kent 14:25 Champ!
Theo Hunt 14:59 2nd
*Did Not Beat the Train 🙁


WestVanRun 10k – Sunday March 3
Coach Tony 30:57 Champ!
Coach Rob 31:21 2nd!
Carlos Lesser 34:42.0
Colton Higgins 36:46.0 PB!
Jay Zhu 44:30.0
Matt Murdoch 37:33.0
Mark Nelson 41:17.0 PB!
Carla Parsons 41:33.0 PB!
Chris Atkinson 46:28.0 PB!
Rodrigo Cuadra 40:40:00 PB! Over 3 mins
Shannon Dale 39:05:00
Todd Nickel 21.48/40:29 10k PB!
Karen Thibodeau 38:12
Mark Topacio 41:05
Lissa Zimmer 36:45 3rd OA!
Cillian Collins 39:50
Brianna Hungerford 36:27 PB, 2nd Overall!
Matt Zielinski 41:57 PB!
Aaron Carveth 40:47 PB!
Gary Franco 46:28 PB!
Lei-Lani Harmon 57:13 Pacer!
Ian Kerr 37:24 PB!
Kara Naish 51:56.
Lauren Berkman 52:28 PB!

MEC Burnaby Lake 1/2
Grace Sullivan 1:56 PB!


New York Road Runners (NYRR) Washington Heights 5k
Coach Kate Gustafson 17:18 3rd Overall!


Chilly Half Marathon & Frosty 5K in Burlington, ON
Gary Cheung 1:20:07
Fraser Clift 1:16:28 PB!
Meddy Medina 1:24 PB!
Kevin Smith 1:23:37
Kyla Wilkinson 1:39:27 PB!
Tyler Ashurst 1:27:57 PB!
Katarina Mylvaganum 1:23:19 PB!
Arthur Oskan 1:30:34 3min+ PB!
Louise Cameron 1:49:41
Jenny Emery 1:36:02

Chilly 5k
Michael Cosentino 17:40 PB!
James Watkins 16:15 PB!

Scottsdale 10k
Cody Green 42:22.0

Cedar 12k
Breanne Cotton 0:53:59 PB & 2nd AG

Seattle Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k
Melissa Raven 1:10:11

Majcichov 10, Slovakia
Radim Picek 33:02

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