Laurel Richardson

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  • Vancouver, CA

By day, Laurel works in communications. By early morning, evening and weekend she is an endurance athlete and a dedicated coach in helping others to set wild goals and chase after them.

Career Highlights

  • Running through the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, 2013
  • Running the 80km across the Grand Canyon & back, 2013
  • Qualifying for Hawaii Ironman World Championships, 2016
  • Running my first "real" marathon, 2018

Lifetime PBs

  • Marathon 2:59 Eugene , OR, 2018
  • Half-marathon 1:23 BMO Half Marathon, 2019
  • 10,000m 37:43 Vancouver Sun Run, 2019

Coaching Philosophy?

Over the past 10 years, I have coached multi-sport athletes of all ages in swimming, biking, and running. I take a holistic approach to coaching — focusing on the specific work required for each individual athlete to help them get the most out of themselves, identifying an athlete’s overall motivation and how that factors into their long-term development in sport.

Favourite race distance and why?

The marathon. I really enjoy the training — the long runs, the longer intervals. It’s not easy work, but I love the slow burn.

Favourite post-workout treat or go-to place?

I’ll be honest, it’s donuts. I just love them.

Favourite running podcast, website, books, videos, or blog?

Books: Once a Runner and Again to Carthage (running), A Life without Limits (multi-sport), The Brave Athlete (all sports)

Podcasts: The Shakeout Podcast and The Rogue Running Podcast

Newsletter: The Kick – Coach Kate introduced me to it!

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Laurel's Articles:

Photos from a Mile2Marathon Saturday workout at Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


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