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I started running with a club when I was 16 and I haven’t looked back. I am originally from London, Ontario where I found my love for the sport, running on country roads and through forests. I then lived in Windsor, Ontario for 4 years where I worked harder than ever before to be a member of one of the top university running programs in the country. I then moved to Calgary in 2016 where I have taken up mountain running and have become more involved in road racing and continued my education at the University of Calgary. Running has taken me to amazing places and has taught me invaluable lessons. I have individual running goals that I still train for and continue to compete on the track, road and in cross country each year. I have coached many family and friends, ranging from individuals who want to get into running later in life, to athletes chasing PB’s on the track, and I look forward to meeting you to get you moving on the right path!

Career Highlights

  • 2nd place USPORTS 3000m 2020
  • 4th place USPORTS cross country 2019
  • 3rd place 2018 Vancouver Sun Run
  • 1st 2017 Canadian Mountain Running Championships

Lifetime PBs

  • 1500m 3:49London, 2015
  • 3000m 8:08Seattle, 2020
  • 5000m 14:23Vancouver, 2017
  • 10,000m 29:36London, 2019

Coaching Philosophy?

I take my coaching philosophy from all the amazing coaches I have had over my running career. They all have embodied different, but equally important aspects of the sport. Passion, humour, tenacity, openness, and the lifelong love of the sport. These are all qualities I want to embody as a coach, and together, we can achieve goals that on our own would have seemed impossible.

Favourite race distance and why?

It is hard to pick just one. I really enjoy the balance of speed and strength that you need to have in order to run a successful 5000m, but cross country holds a special place in my heart for the pure grit that it requires.

Most memorable coaching moment?

An athlete I coach just finished running his first half marathon following the plan that we worked on together, and I received a text saying “ I am exhausted and can not wait to take some off time, but I also can’t wait to start training again to get even faster!” Having an athlete that knows the importance of rest and recovery, but also is so excited to get back out and work hard is why I love coaching.

Favourite post-workout treat or go-to place?

I definitely have a salt tooth, so anything with a bit of salt on it does the trick for me. Go- to place after a workout? Is my bed the wrong answer?

Favourite running podcast, website, books, videos, or blog?

Books: Endure by Alex Hutchinson and Bowerman and the Men of Oregon by Kenny Moore

Podcasts: The Terminal Mile is a great podcast on Canadian running

Running movie: Chariots of Fire! If I could have someone follow me around with a boom box playing the theme song from that movie, I would.

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