Stephanie McGregor


  • All distances
  • Not Accepting Athletes
  • Vancouver, CA

Stephanie McGregor has been running and playing sports most of her life. A Vancouver native, Steph has been on the Vancouver running scene since running her first half marathon in 2008. She quickly fell in love with the sport and made it part of her career as a physiotherapist, taking numerous running courses to specialize her practice. You can often find Steph running around the seawall pushing her stroller with her two year old son and her husband.

Career Highlights

  • 6 X Ultramarathons 50km-50mi
  • 6 X Marathons
  • 30 X Half marathons
  • Physiotherapist since 2012

Lifetime PBs

  • 5k: 18:35,
  • 10k: 38:18,
  • Half Marathon: 1:25:28,
  • Marathon: 3:00:22,

Coaching Philosophy?

My coaching philosophy as an athlete and a coach is deeply rooted in my physiotherapy background and my true love for the sport. I believe in running smart and chasing your goals that for me personally, often extend beyond numbers on a clock. I value open and honest communication and understand that life extends beyond the time you spend in your running shoes. I truly believe that you have to celebrate the small steps along the way and most importantly enjoy the process!

Favourite race distance and why?

The half marathon hands down! The training is just enough to make you feel fit without total fatigue, the distance is the perfect amount of suffering, and if you have a bad day the recovery afterwards is short enough to bounce back and try again.

Most memorable coaching moment?

Not one moment exactly, but I love when athletes achieve something they never believed possible. Whether it’s a distance or a time on a clock, to have someone tell me that they dared to try because I believed they could is the ultimate honour and true sign of trust.

Favourite post-workout treat or go-to place?

I love nothing more than to celebrate a workout/race with a treat! After almost every Saturday workout I take my son to a different coffee shop to get a treat… cookie, croissant, donut, I love it all:)

Favourite running podcast, website, books, videos, or blog?

“Let your mind run free” by Deena Kastor

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