M2M Global Membership

The M2M Global Membership is an opportunity to connect with the M2M community wherever you reside. Led by Coach Tony, this is a platform to learn about the sport, share information, and virtually interact with like-minded runners.

What does the M2M Global Membership include?

Weekly group calls discussing the current events in the running world, training topics, and how we can engage in a running lifestyle.

Access to an M2M exclusive Slack Channel where you can share content, connect with other members, and ask questions on a variety of different subjects.

A weekly newsletter with announcements from M2M and suggested workouts to prepare you for your upcoming running events. Training cycles will target the typical event seasons (spring & fall marathons, shorter-distance summer races and winter holiday races).

Coach Tony Tomsich with his back to the camera, and flares from the sun shining over his shoulder, partially hides the group Tony is addressing on the blue track at Point Grey Secondary in Vancouver during a Mile2Marathon group track workout.


Join our Global M2M running community for just $25 montly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • [+] Why should I join an online running community?
    • Being connected with runners from all over the globe enriches your running experience. Whether you are already part of a bigger run crew or do all of your running solo, this will help you see what is possible, form friendships, and motivate you to get outside for your daily run.
  • [+] How will this connect me to other M2M members?

    The group calls are designed to allow everyone to share their stories and ask questions. By taking part in these you will get to know other members. Additionally, the Slack Channel is a message board system to chat and interact with other members at any time. Each member brings their unique story and knowledge to the table and is encouraged to ask questions and share insight on this platform.

  • [+] How do I get started?

    Once you sign up, you will receive an email with the important links and invitations to access the platform. Then you are off and running!

  • [+] Can current M2M athletes join?

    Yes, currently coached athletes and workout membership athletes are welcome to enroll as part of their program. Please contact Coach Tony directly to get connected

  • [+] What does an M2M Global Membership cost?

    Our M2M Global Membership fee is just $25 per month. Current M2M Personal Coaching and Custom Training Plan athletes can join at no additional cost! Simply email Coach Tony to get added to M2M Global.