M2M Strength Training

The foundation of great running is strength – at M2M we believe that a strength training program is complimentary to training as a runner, leads to better long-term development, and mitigates injury risk!

Our strength training programs are developed by M2M Coach Lauren Prufer. Dr. Lauren Prufer (MD) is a running coach and certified personal trainer. She is also certified in gait analysis and is currently working on her postpartum corrective exercise specialization. She works with running athletes of all levels, helping them to get stronger, faster and avoid injury. She loves helping injured athletes get back on track and has a special interest in performance improvement and issues impacting female athletes.

Strength Training Options

  • [+] Getting Started - Strength Training for Runners

    This program is designed for runners who are new, or relatively new, to strength training.

    You’ll develop core strength and improve your overall posture and mobility, while learning how to perform foundational movement patterns, like the squat and deadlift, both safely and effectively. Instructional videos will guide you through each movement, with variations to allow you to tailor the difficulty to your unique training needs!

    Pricing: $120 CAD (one-time)
    M2M Discount: -$20
    M2M Price: $100 (one-time)

  • [+] Intermediate Strength Plan for Runners

    You’ve done some strength training in the past and have a pretty solid foundation. But, maybe your program has become stale or you’re not sure if you’re actually doing the right things to improve your performance and prevent common injuries.

    The intermediate program is designed to help runners out of their strength training rut (or for runners who have already successfully completed the beginner program and are looking for more of a challenge).

    This program will:

    • Allow you to develop strength in running specific movement patterns, thus becoming a more efficient runner
    • Prevent injuries common in runners like IT Band Syndrome, Runner’s Knee and Shin Splints
    • Help to counteract the negative effects of our modern sitting and reaching forward heavy life-style with a combination of targeted mobility and postural strength work

    Pricing: $120 CAD (one-time)
    M2M Discount: -$20
    M2M Price: $100 (one-time)


  • [+] Advanced Strength Plan for Runners

    You’ve completed the intermediate program and are ready for a new challenge. Or maybe you’re experienced in the weight room and looking to change things up. You have your own weights at home and are ready to use them!

    This program is designed to help runners:

    • Get even more power out of their stride with advanced single leg variations on exercise and an introduction to plyometrics
    • Prevent common injuries
    • Continue to improve mobility and counteract the negative effects of the modern sitting lifestyle, allowing you to get the most out of every stride!
    • Message me to get on our wait-list (we won’t email you except to tell you when the program is ready and send you an early bird discount)

    Pricing: $120 CAD (one-time)
    M2M Discount: -$20
    M2M Price: $100 (one-time)



Reach out to M2M Coach Lauren today to learn more about how strength training can benefit you and help you reach your running goals!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • [+] What exactly do I receive when purchasing strength training?
    • 16 week home-based periodized program designed specifically for running athletes
    • Beginner and intermediate level can be done with items most people already have around the home
    • Injury prevention, mobility work, warm ups they can use pre run and, of course, performance enhancement. Our programs focus on helping you to become a stronger and more consistent runner
    • App to deliver your program with instructional videos and modifications for each exercise provided, so you can feel confident that they are doing the movements correctly and take the program anywhere
    • Membership to an exclusive M2M group where you can ask questions, engage with their teammates, record progress and give kudos
    • Coach Lauren will also be sharing weekly exclusive content in the M2M group with tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your strength training
  • [+] Why should I strength train?
    1. Strength training improves running economy: 
      • A systematic review of the use of strength training in long distance runners found a 4.6% improvement in running economy for runners randomly assigned to the strength training group. To put it simply, adding strength training to your regimen makes running a given pace almost 5% easier – lifting weights will actually help you to go faster for longer
    2. Strength training prevents injury:
      • Again, multiple studies have found a link between strength training and decreased injury risk (this applies to both acute and overuse injuries, like IT Band Syndrome, Runner’s Knee and Shin Splints). Fewer injuries means more consistency, and the ability to consistently string together workouts and training blocks in the key to improving your running
    3. Strength training improves body composition, bone strength, mobility and helps to make you a better all around athlete. You’re not just a runner, you’re a dad who lifts small kids, or a neighbour who helps out with a friend’s move or actually be able to lift that celebratory pitcher (or two) after finally running that sub-3 marathon
  • [+] When should I start?
    • Start at any time and introduce yourself! The group(s) are always open
    • Talk to your coach about working your strength training into your running schedule or follow our guide on how to properly start (and taper off) your strength plan based on your race schedule