M2M Virtual Race Series

We’re excited to launch the 2020 M2M Virtual Race Series!

The M2M Virtual Race Series was created to motivate our running community in a time where we can’t physically gather and to provide a space where we can pursue our goals collectively. Each month features a new race with two distance options open to anyone who would like to participate on any course/route they’d like to run on!

Photos from a 2k/1k workout with DW, Tony, and Rich coaching at Jericho Beach in Vancouver, BC Canada.

photo by Jody Bailey

Photos from a M2M Kenyan Fartlek style workout at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, BC Canada.

photo by Jody Bailey

Series Details

  • There is no registration required
  • Each month will have two different events/distances – feel free to complete and submit results for both
  • Our coaches will provide possible route suggestions for athletes in Vancouver and Ottawa, but a run on any route/course is welcome!
  • Each event/race can be completed on any day of the date range
  • Submit your results via the Google Form linked below by midnight PST on the final day of the eligibility date range (final Sunday of each month)
  • Results can include a Strava link, GPS watch data file, or even a screenshot (we’re not picky!) – just show us your run :)

The Races

The Prizes

We won’t be handing out any medals for your accolades, but you can bet we’ll be honouring our participants in our own way. In true M2M style awards will cover a variety of competitive and fun categories including:

  • The ‘Crown’ – awarded to the top male and female age-graded performance
  • The ‘RNG’ – a prize awarded completely randomly using a random number generator
  • The ‘Lantern Rouge’ – a well known prize from the Tour de France, the ‘Lantern Rouge’ is awarded to the final finisher in each event
  • The ‘Tony Tomsich’ –  awarded to the individual with the best Strava drawing while completing the event
  • The ‘Median’ – awarded to the individual finishing in the exact middle position in each event (or the first of the two middle positions in events with an even number of finishers)

Prizes provided by our gear partner Saucony Canada, along with friends at Solefit, Dylan’s closet of size 12 running shoes, and more.

Award winners will be announced after results are compiled and notified asap so we can find a way to get your swag to you.

Photos from the M2M booth at the 2019 Toronto Waterfront Marathon Expo  in Toronto, ON Canada.

Results Submission

Submit Results for Halloween Races: HERE


Series Results

Congratulations to all participants! We aim to upload complete results and awards on the Monday following the race period.

May Results: HERE

June Results: HERE

July Results: HERE

August Results: HERE

M2M Ekiden Results: HERE