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Photos from a Mile2Marathon Saturday workout at Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Ready. Set. Goals

For every wild goal set, there are countless traps we can fall into. Coach Laurel Richardson shares how you can avoid common traps in goal setting.


Running on the Treadmill

While we would love to stick to the roads year-round, it’s not always possible depending on where you live. Cities like Ottawa and Edmonton are known for their hard-hitting…

Photos from a M2M Kenyan Fartlek style workout at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, BC Canada.


Mile2Marathon’s Guide to Winter Running

While winters are mild in Vancouver, where Mile2Marathon first started, that’s not the case for the rest of Canada. With the eastern provinces getting hit with colder temperatures…

Photos from a M2M workout with loops around Beaver Lake in Vancouver, BC Canada.


Training Beyond the Body: Finding Your Mental Edge

Tired, sore, feeling like marathon training is taking over your life… yes, folks, we are reaching the peak weeks of fall marathon training. With big stops on the racing calendar in…

Photos from a fun evening of laying it all on the track at UBC with Mile2Marathon and Lululemon in Vancouver, BC on August 17, 2017.


Know When to Turn Off. Know When To Ramp Up.

“What’s the most difficult part of coaching?”  This question from my massage therapist (that interrupted my daydreaming) is still lingering as I stare at the shifty ceiling fan above…