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We are a team of professional athletes – led by Olympians Dylan Wykes & Michael Woods. Our athletic endeavours have provided us with an unparalled wealth of knowledge and experience. We want to translate all that went into that endeavour – goal setting, discipline, motivation, perseverance, and a big dose of modesty, into coaching you – to support you in meeting your potential. Your journey to achieving your athletic dreams starts here with Mile2Marathon Coaching.

The How and Why of what we do.

We have received experienced, personalized, hands-on coaching throughout our athletic careers that has allowed us to excel on the world stage from mile to marathon, from running to cycling. We believe that runners of all levels should have access to a similar coaching experience. Through ensuring that we get to know our athletes, based on personal feedback and regular online consultations, we tailor individual programs by considering your personal strengths, abilities, and goals. Our training plans are not computer generated, nor based on cookie-cutter training templates. We aim to offer you a truly personalized coaching service. We believe this is the only way to help you improve and reach your goals.

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What’s Happening with M2M

  • Spicy morning on Big Aus crushing some tempo loops Onwards
    by mile2marathonSpicy morning on Big Aus crushing some tempo loops Onwards to Scotia Half next weekend. ⁣ ⁣ Summer is here people — don’t forget to hydrate and recover well. ⁣ ⁣  #m2m  ⁣  #mile2marathon ⁣  #bettertogether  ⁣  #fastisfun 
  • This community Last Thursday Vancouver experienced the inaugural Pacific Distance
    by mile2marathonThis community Last Thursday Vancouver experienced the inaugural Pacific Distance Carnival, an event that set out to combine community and high-performance running in a kick-ass setting. ⠀ ⠀ From athletes of all abilities crushing 5,000m races to the Raptors game streaming live trackside, to our country's best 10,000m runners battling it out for National titles, the excitement never stopped.⠀ ⠀ A huge thank you to  @bc .athletics for inviting us to be a part of this event. We can't wait for next year and welcome your feedback on how we can make the 2020 edition even better.⠀ ⠀ pc:  @robshaerphoto  ⠀
  • Group Workouts this week Ottawa The Movement Co
    by mile2marathonGroup Workouts this week  Ottawa | The Movement Co. @ 6:30PM Vancouver | Sunset Beach @ 6:30PM  With the passing of pro runner Gabe Grunewald last week, we're reminded that there's always a deeper dialogue that we can be having with ourselves, our coaches and each other.   So this week, we're encouraging everyone to pay extra attention to the lessons that come up on the run.   #m2m   #mile2marathon   #bettertogether   #fastisfun   
  • Tonights hill repeats were so much bettertogether Were loving the
    by mile2marathonTonight’s hill repeats were so much  #bettertogether  We’re loving the energy in Ottawa and the community that shows up each and every Wednesday. A big thank you to  @themvmtco  for hosting us and coach Garrett for holding down the fort.  #m2m   #mile2marathon   #fastisfun   #runottawa 
  • Seems like bmovanmarathon is the gift that keeps on giving
    by mile2marathonSeems like  @bmovanmarathon  is the gift that keeps on giving. First we won best cheer station, and now fastest marathon team So the real question is, what’s next?! ⁣ ⁣ Thank you to Lara from  @runvan  for coming out tonight and presenting the group with this prize, and for everything that Run Van does for the Vancouver run community.⁣ ⁣  #m2m ⁣  #mile2marathon ⁣  #bettertogether ⁣  #fastisfun 
  • Saturday June 22 Scotiabank Half Marathon Shakeout Run Bistro
    by mile2marathonSaturday, June 22 Scotiabank Half Marathon Shakeout Run | Bistro 101 @ 8:30 AM  Just like that, it's race weekend in Vancouver again. Whether you're racing this weekend or not, join us Saturday morning for an easy shakeout along the seawall, back to Bistro 101.   No signup necessary  pc:  @run .photography    #m2m   #mile2marathon   #bettertogether   #fastisfun 

We work with individuals of all ages and abilities who are passionate and committed to working hard and striving to reach their personal potential.

Regular communication with your coach:

We are here to answer your questions.

One on One Consultation:

We take the time to get to know you as a person and athlete.

Monthly personalized training plans:

Personalized training, adapted to your needs.

Coaching efficient running technique:

Guiding you to a more efficient yet natural stride through the use of appropriate drills, exercises and cues.

Nutrition plans:

Racing and pre, during, and post training fueling & nutrition protocols.

Goal setting:

We help you set realistic, obtainable, and exciting goals.

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