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I came back to running later in life and it didn’t take me long to realize how much I needed running as a person. Running re-taught me how to go after what I want and how to achieve those goals. Every aspect of my life has been touched by running. I met my husband through running, my closest friends, and so many people that I respect and admire.

Running brings positivity into our lives and I am truly thankful to have a family that understands and appreciates my love for running. We are an active family; my husband and daughter compete in triathlons and my son is a swimmer and runner. They have supported me as an elite runner through the years and now it’s time for me to enjoy and support them going after their dreams.

Career Highlights

  • Previous Canadian Marathon Holder 50-55 2017 (2:53:52)
  • 3rd 45-49 Boston Marathon 2014 (2:53:26)
  • 1st Niagara International Marathon 2013 (2:48:53)
  • 1st Master Freihofers Run for Women 5km 2008 (17:28)
  • Bronze Medal Canadian Marathon Championships 2006 (2:51:05)

Lifetime PBs

  • 5km - 17:02Ottawa, 2008
  • 8km - 28:09Kingston, 2004
  • 10km - 33:35Toronto, 2004
  • Half Marathon - 1:17:40Niagara Falls, 2016
  • Marathon - 2:48:53Niagara Falls, 2013

Coaching Philosophy?

I came back to running much later in life. Some of my fastest times were achieved when I turned 40 and jumped into the masters category. I believe in consistency, patience, and perseverance when trying to achieve goals. There will always be good and bad days in training, racing, and in everyday life. If you allow yourself to take a moment on both the good and bad, you will be able to enjoy the process much more. Running is about being the best you can be on that day. Enjoy the wins and learn from the losses and continue to run in the moment. And, remember to pat yourself on the back every once in a while!

Favourite race distance and why?

Although most of my career highlights seem to be at the marathon distance, my favourite distance to race is 5km. I love training and racing this distance. Even as a master’s runner, I enjoy hitting the track or road and doing short intensity workouts. Speed is important to train for any distance. The best part is being able to put that speed to the test in a 5km race. You can lay it on the line and know its over quick. It’s just a different kind of pain.

Favourite post-workout treat or go-to place?

I am not going to lie…I do have a bit of a sweet tooth! So, I do treat myself quite often.

But my usual post-workout go-to is Starbucks for a coconut milk latte with cinnamon.

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