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Lauren started running a little later in life, stumbling into the sport during her third year of university, after having spent two years as a varsity rugby player. She quickly fell in love with the sport, continuing to pursue running during medical school, first with Western’s Cross-Country team and then with a local running club. In spite of the challenge of balancing medical school with training, she was able to run well during her first two years, most notably finishing second at track nationals in the 10 000m.

These days, Lauren’s schedule is less hectic, giving her the time to return to training and working with athletes. As a coach and certified strength trainer, she is passionate about movement and uses her personal experiences juggling training, relationships and a busy work schedule to help her athletes find balance in their own lives.

Favourite race distance and why?

Anything on the trails! I’ve always loved mountains, exploring and getting out into the wilderness, and trail running is a great way to do that. Road distance, I’d have to say the 10 km, it’s not quite as painful as the 5k, but you still get to run fast!

Most memorable coaching moment?

Spectating Scotiabank 2019. It was pretty awesome hanging out with the Ottawa Group, watching them support each other and run a bunch of new PBs. Especially watching one of the athletes I’ve been working with, Jeff (Archer) run a huge HM PB (1:06:05, for 3rd). As a second most memorable moment, organizing cross country teams for the National Capital XC race this fall, and then having our women’s team come away with 3rd .

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