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Evan has been competitive in the sport since age 11, and with that, he brings years of valuable experience in the sport.

The Ontario native made his first world team at the age of 17, representing Canada in the 3000m at the 2009 IAAF World Youth Track & Field Championships. After a successful high school career, Evan went on to attend Indiana University, where he led the Hoosiers to an 8th place finish at the 2013 D1 NCAA Cross Country Championships. Since graduating, Evan has continued to represent Canada on the world stage in cross country and on the roads, including the 2018 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships.

Career Highlights

  • 3rd – 2018 Canadian Cross Country Championships
  • 2018 Canadian 10,000m Champion
  • 2017 Canadian 10,000m Champion
  • Represented Canada at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships, 2017 (Uganda) & 2019 (Denmark)
  • Represented Canada at the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, 2018 (Spain)

Lifetime PBs

  • 5,000m - 13:59 Concord, MA, 2016
  • 10,000m - 28:55 Palo Alto, CA, 2015
  • Half Marathon - 1:02:13 Houston, TX, 2019
  • Marathon - 2:18:38 Toronto, CA, 2019

Coaching Philosophy?

My coaching philosophy is simple. If an athlete and coach share a passion for running and have trust in one another, success and progress will exist. I believe that consistent hard work leads to success in our sport. Tiering goals, working on self-belief, and focusing on the things that make one happy, are all part of my coaching framework.

Favourite race distance and why?

My favourite race distance is currently the half marathon because of the training that comes along with it. I like the mix of workouts ranging from longer tempos on the roads to faster sessions on the track

Favourite post-workout treat or go-to place?

I really enjoy chocolate milk after workouts, or a big ole bowl of cereal

Favourite running podcast, website, books, videos, or blog?

Book: “Running for My Life: One Lost Boy’s Journey from the Killing Fields of Sudan to the Olympic Games” by Lopez Lomong 


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